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New GLS hub in Sibiu: larger and more modern

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 10 Okt. 2018
New GLS hub in Sibiu: larger and more modern
GLS Romania: Hub in Sibiu
Sibiu, 10 October 2018. Following the continuous expansion and development, but also the increasing parcel volumes, GLS Romania has opened a new transhipment point in Sibiu county.
In the beginning of August, GLS moved to Industrial Park Șelimbăr, where the new construction occupies 4.200 square meters, three times more than the older location. This has allowed the setup of 55 loading-unloading gates and twice the parcel processing capacity. Once with the new location, the number of parcels processed daily has increased from 25.000 to 50.000 on a daily basis, because of the newest conveyor belts.
The construction of the new location began in September 2017, reaching a total investment of over 5 million euros. With the help of the special lane destined for small parcels, the latter are manipulated separately, safely reaching consignees.
Better conditions for employees
The new construction and state-of-the-art technology translate into speed and quality of service for customers, and in welcoming workplace conditions.
The location has allowed the modern setup of the building, so that the environment in which employees work is improved. Modern technology allows employees, and mainly new employees, to get familiar with the work in a parcel company much faster and easier.
Unique services at GLS
The main point that distinguishes GLS from other parcel companies on the market is FlexDeliveryService. Through this service, the consignee has the freedom to influence and control delivery. By accessing the webpage www.coletulmeu.ro, the consignee can change the parcel’s delivery address or date of delivery, but also the delivery method, based on their preferences.
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