• 12-DEC-2018

GLS: Francesco Pellerano appointed General Manager and Nicola Campio appointed Director of Finance and Administration

Milan, 12.12.18. GLS, one of the leading players in the express delivery sector in Italy, has appointed Francesco Pellerano as General Manager and Nicola Campio as Director of
Finance and Administration.
In his new role, Pellerano, assuming the responsibility of GLS Italy, will report directly to Klaus Schädle, Group Area Managing Director.
Pellerano  can  count  on  the  significant  professional  experience  he  has  consolidated  over  the years  in  GLS  Italy  as  Director  of  Finance  and  Administration and at  important  multinationals
including  Reuters  Group  Plc,  where  he  held  various  roles  in  Finance  in  Italy,  Greece,  Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.
Nicola  Campio  will  succeed  Francesco  Pellerano  in  the  role  of  Director  of  Finance  and Administration. Campio has gained a long professional experience in important companies such
as Celio e Fintyre where he was Chief Financial Officer.
The  new  General  Manager  of  GLS  in  Italy  Francesco  Pellerano  said,  "I  am  particularly enthusiastic about this new challenge and the trust that GLS has placed in me. I will continue to
put my skills at the service of the development of our company that aspires to consolidate the qualitative primacy of its services and further increase its position among the sector leaders in