• 10-FEB-2020

GLS Poland appreciated in an independent customer survey

Głuchowo, 10 February 2020. Courier work culture, speed and punctuality of delivery, as well as efficient contact and access to information have gained the highest ratings. The courier company has been awarded within the title of Customer Friendly Company 2019. The survey also shows how customer preferences and expectations in this industry are changing.

The Customer Friendly Company program takes into account the actual experience of customers. First of all they evaluate the contact and cooperation with the company, the level of general satisfaction with its services and products, as well as the probability that they will recommend it to others. How did GLS Poland perform? In the latest edition of the survey in each of the areas the courier company received ratings of at least 87%, and the index of the entire survey (average result) was 88%. -We are pleased that GLS customers rated the couriers work culture highest. They emphasized that they are friendly, polite and open. The form of the offer also gained high marks. This shows that the range of our services meets the current expectations of customers- says Małgorzata Markowska, marketing manager of GLS Poland.

Customers who are willing to recommend GLS Poland to others emphasize that the company's strengths are speed and punctuality of delivery and collection (as in the previous edition of the survey). The speed of solving the reported issues also plays a major role.

- The survey shows that our customers appreciate efficient access to information as well as good communication and contact with employees, including their reliability and solidity. The survey clearly confirms that also the so-called soft competences of employees have a huge impact on the final evaluation of the courier company's services - emphasizes Małgorzata Markowska.

Compared to previous editions of the survey, it can be observed that GLS customers are increasingly contacting the company online, while the percentage of telephone contacts is decreasing. - This is obviously a sign of the times. On the other hand, we systematically invest in digital solutions in various areas of business. We see the development of online contact channels as one of the key elements enabling the provision of flexible and increasingly personalised services- adds Małgorzata Markowska.

A Customer Friendly Company is a certificate in the field of service quality, awarded on the basis of an independent customer survey. The awards for 2019 were granted at the end of January during a gala at the Digital Knowledge Observatory Foundation. Let us recall that in 2018, as part of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey, the courier company received a prestigious distinction in the category of "Domestic Express Service". GLS Poland was also awarded the Superbrands title as part of the project, in which the winners are selected on the basis of consumer survey and expert opinions. 



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