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GLS Poland becomes Official PGE Ekstraliga Partner

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 09 Apr. 2018
Warsaw, 9 April 2018. The courier company GLS Poland became an Official PGE Ekstraliga Partner. The contract was signed for two seasons – 2018 and 2019. It is a next, after prolonging sponsorship for the Polish Speedway National Team, contribution to development of the sport.
Year 2017 was very successful for Polish speedway riders: - With such results as those achieved by our sportsmen, we can confidently say that we are currently the best speedway league in the world - says Wojciech Stępniewski, president of the board of PGE Ekstraliga. - The success of the Polish speedway is a consequence of the hard work of riders and trainers, but also a well-functioning system of financial support. We are glad that GLS Poland joins the group of PGE Ekstraliga partners. This is a very valuable help for us.
GLS Poland through this decision increases involvement in supporting Polish speedway. In February, the leader of the European quality of parcels extended the contract for the new season with the Polish Speedway National Team, which in 2017 won the Ove Fundina Cup and won the first ever gold medal at the Non-Olympic The World Games in Wroclaw. The youth team won the Junior World Championship. Individually - Patryk Dudek won the silver medal in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series, and Maksym Drabik became the Junior World Champion.
- This-class riders should be supported in any possible way – says Tomasz Kroll, Region Manager GLS Poland – Professional sport requires financial investments and speeday is our hallmark on international market. We are proud that next to being the General Sponsor of Polish Speedway National Team, we became also an Official PGE Ekstraliga Partner. Supporting the best speedway league in the world is an honour for us.
As part of the two-year contract, GLS Poland has the right to use the title of "PGE Ekstraliga's Official Partner", "PGE Individual International Ekstraliga's Official Partner" and "PGE Ekstraliga's Official Partner". The courier company logo will be present on advertising banners and screens during events, on the media backdrops during press conferences and also in match programs.
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