• 20-AUG-2020

GLS invests in Poznań

Głuchowo, 03/08/20.An expanded depot of GLS in Poznań is already operating: Its capacity has doubled. Ultimately, the facility will be a regional sorting station and export facility for western destinations.

The added part of the warehouse is double-functional, with a courier and a loading area. After the expansion, the Poznań depot of GLS has almost twice as many courier gates (now 158), the number of loading gates has increased from 8 to 13 (with the possibility of adding another 7) and there are also more unloading gates for linehauls. The total area of the facility is now about 50% larger. The depot, operating in this location since 2008 together with the Polish GLS headquarters, is now able to handle twice as many parcels as before the expansion.

Such a significant expansion is the result of two factors. GLS Poznań depot is one of the three fastest growing sites in the country (in terms of parcel volume) and the courier company is gradually increasing operational flexibility of its network. “Thanks to the expansion we have increased the potential of sorting parcels, which can now be sent from Poznań in 20 directions. The depot thus supports the regional sorting hubs in Wrocław and Bydgoszcz. The facility is also fully prepared to take over the function of an independent regional sorting hub at any time”, says Małgorzata Markowska, Marketing Manager in GLS Poland

This year, a sorting hub for export parcels will already be launched at GLS Poznań depot. Shipments will be directed from here to western European countries. “This will relieve the traffic load of the sorting hub in Stryków, which serves as the main GLS hub in Poland. This autumn we will redirect a part of the linehauls transport operating in western directions to Poznań”, announces Małgorzata Markowska. 

The building is equipped with ecological features, including heat pumps, and LED lighting in the new part. This allows to significantly reduce power consumption, as well as the production of hazardous waste associated with the operation of fluorescent lamps. “Environmental issues are an important element of our investments. We operate in accordance with the ThinkGreen strategy, implemented by GLS 2008 in various areas of the company's activity”, emphasizes Małgorzata Markowska.

Closer to senders and recipients

GLS is also developing a network of Szybka Paczka points - it has recently opened its latest point in the centre of Kraków. Here you can pick up or send parcels, including cash on delivery, there is also a packing point and a fitting room (a solution for customers of online shops. The Kraków point also serves as a reloading station for shipments addressed to recipients in the area, which is delivered by a specially constructed courier bike. GLS was the first company to use such a solution in Poland.

The network of sending and receiving points (operated by GLS partners) has been developing for 10 years. Their number has exceeded 1 000 in Poland and 25 000 in Europe.


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