• 07-OCT-2019

GLS Germany now uses 100 per cent green electricity

Neuenstein, 7 October 2019. With the start of the KlimaProtect programme for climate-neutral parcel delivery, GLS is switching to 100 per cent sustainable electricity in Germany.

Since 1 October 2019, all of the more than 70 GLS sites in Germany have been running entirely on green electricity. GLS has achieved this by switching completely to renewable energies instead of fossil fuels.

“With GLS KlimaProtect, we are making a clear statement in the cause of environmental protection,” comments Martin Seidenberg, Chairman of the GLS Germany Management Board. “The switchover to 100 per cent green electricity is another component of our KlimaProtect programme and supports us in our goal of offsetting and preventing emissions.”

With KlimaProtect, GLS has been delivering all parcels in a completely climate-neutral manner since October, with generated emissions offset by means of certified reforestation projects. At the same time, GLS is investing in further measures to reduce and prevent emissions.

GLS Germany and sustainability

Since 2008, GLS has been pooling all resource conservation and emission reduction measures within its ThinkGreen initiative. These include environmental measures when building new depots or renovating existing ones, the ongoing optimisation of mileage and capacity utilisation, and sustainable urban logistics solutions. For example, GLS deployed an e-bike for the first time in Konstanz in 2016. Other cities and vehicle types, e.g. electric vans and electric scooters, have been added continuously ever since. Currently, more than 20 projects with some 100 electric vehicles are currently in operation in Germany.