Parcel delivery in the Peak Season

Parcel volumes in the Peak Season have continued to rise in recent years.

For the 2020 Christmas season, GLS Germany expects a record volume – and anticipates an increase of more than 100,000 parcels per day compared to the previous year. Not only in terms of parcel volumes, 2020 is a special year: In addition, all hygiene and safety measures to protect against the corona virus continue to apply for employees, delivery drivers and recipients.

Preparations for this special peak season are proceeding according to the usual recipe for success: more staff, extended sorting times in the depots and additional connections in the transport network. Investments in new and expanded depots or in sorting technology are also being scheduled so that they can go into operation in good time before the peak season.

In the autumn and Christmas business 2020, 3,500 additional employees throughout Germany will support sorting and processing. An additional 1,000 vehicles – in delivery and linehaul service – are in use for parcel transport. At the end of September, the EuropeanEcoHub in Essen, currently the second largest GLS depot in Germany, started operations. In this way, GLS will also be able to fulfil its supply mandate in the Christmas period during the pandemic.

As a rule, GLS delivers parcels within Germany in less than 24 hours. But before Christmas it might occur that trucks get stuck in traffic jams due to snow and ice or holiday traffic. Any new border closures could also cause delays in traffic. To ensure their punctual delivery, parcels should therefore be sent as early as possible.

Detailed information about the standard delivery times to individual countries can be found on the map on the GLS website.


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