Parcel delivery in the Peak Season

In the peak season GLS Germany transports up to 50 percent more parcels than usual.

GLS is preparing itself carefully for the busiest times of the year: with more staff, extended sorting times in the depots and additional connections in its network. Investments in new depot construction and expansion or in sorting technology are also scheduled so that they can be put into operation in good time before the peak season. In delivery, the transport partners are making more delivery drivers and up to 700 additional vehicles available. Thanks to all these measures, GLS transports the shipments reliably and quickly as usual, even during peak days.

In the autumn and Christmas business 2019, up to 3,000 additional employees supported the sorting and processing. Furthermore, GLS has massively strengthened its parcel network: the new depot in Mannheim started operations at the end of October, doubling its sorting capacity. Other locations were modernised and expanded. In Neuss, for example, a completely new conveyer system was installed and the locations Hermsdorf and Brunswick were expanded.

As a rule, GLS delivers parcels within Germany in less than 24 hours. But before Christmas, it can happen that trucks get stuck in traffic jams due to snow and ice or holiday traffic. Therefore, for safety reasons, the parcels should be sent in time.


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